Perluma designs and builds optomechanical hardware to your requirements.  Generally, we only take on complex problems and those that require precision engineering techniques.

We also design and build special-purpose metrology tools for custom lenses and assemblies; we measure everything we build.

Perluma uses standard software platforms (e.g. Zemax, SolidWorks) in addition to proprietary software tools.

All of our work is performed in the United States.

Key Technologies:

Optical Systems

    • Systems Using Ultrafast Lasers
    • High NA Wide FOV Lens Assemblies
    • Custom Microscope Objective Lenses
    • DNA Sequencing and Analysis
    • UV/VIS/NIR Beam Delivery Systems
    • Lenses for Microlithography Systems
    • Illumination and Detection Systems
    • Diffraction Limited Optical Assemblies
    • Custom Lenses
    • Custom Optomechanical Engineering

Precision Engineering

    • Incorporate Precision Air Bearing Stages
    • Multiphoton Manufacturing Machines
    • 3D Printing Light Engines
    • Design/Build Kinematic Assemblies
    • High Speed Laser Pattern Generators
    • Athermalized Systems
    • Ultrafast Laser Optical Systems
    • Fluorescence Imaging Systems

Custom Optomechanical Fixtures for the Factory Floor

Custom Metrology Stations and Interferometers